Why accept a satisfactory result when you can achieve excellence?

We simply do it better because we actually follow a very rigid process from the time we receive a document to the moment we send it back! We strive to achieve 2 very important attributes: perfection and quality.
However, we know that excellence is not always necessarily synonymous with high cost, nor quality with low cost. The trick is being able to achieve perfecboxes_for_blogtion and quality at the “right and most convenient rate”. Did you know that very expensive translation agencies often rely on freelance translators they may not have ever even worked with in the past? This because they are barely able to keep good long-term relationships with most of their “outside” professionals for 3 very simple reasons: they do not communicate with their translators, they divide the work over several freelancers and they tend to underpay. The result? Although, the result may initially seem satisfactory to end customers, it really isn’t. Furthermore, the translator – agency relationship did not work because of a lack of reciprocal trust. A lack of communication means not being to get the real meaning of something and therefore translating based on assumptions. Using several translators to work on the same document means achieving an inconsistent final document in terms of the semantics, grammar and writing styles involved. Being underpaid also induces professionals to work at a faster pace so they can make up for their loss by taking on an extra project. This unfortunately puts translators in a situation that prevents them from researching certain terms or concepts in-depth before putting them down on paper in their own language.
Our process is better because it’s based on the opposite concept! We are all freelance translators, language professionals with degrees, certifications or proven track records and we do not work with outsiders who are unable to demonstrate the same amount of perfection we guarantee through our “satisfied or money back” motto. We commperfect_shotunicate both with each other and the end customer. We do not, or prefer not, to divide work over several translators and if we should, one of us would be put in charge of proofreading and editing the final document to make sure there are no differences in terms of semantics, grammar and style. Most ultimately, we do not underpay. This is already guaranteed by the fact there is no middleman between the client and ourselves. The result? We are more motivated and incentivized to provide the best of the best! 
Our process is simple and effective! We accept a document, study it, decide who is most qualified to undertake the task, prepare through research, translate and proofread. In this manner, we know the final document we send back is flawless, error proof and perfect! And… since there is no need for a middleman, we are able to offer our services at the right and most convenient rate!
Better and simply more effective! That’s a promise! Try us! You will never be just “satisfied” again!