Effective Company Profiles

We were recently asked by one of our customers to develop their company profile, while keeping in mind it would not only be used to present their products and business abroad, but also as an “about” section on their webpage.

Naturally, we knew very little about this company and what they really wanted because the customer was – himself – clueless as to what information should be included in the presentation text. As you know, we did a bit of research to learn more about how to create an “effective” profile from scratch and submitted it to the attention our customer, who was absolutely ecstatic.

Indeed, after having written the profile in the English language, as requested, our customer asked us to translate it into Italian as well so that he could use it as his new website “about” section.

If you ever find yourself in front of a similar situation, here is the list of elements to consider when developing a company profile.

Company Description:
– A brief company presentation text (who are you, what do you offer, etc.)
– Years of operations

– Main owners/managers (by name/position and years of experience)
– Number of employees
– What makes you stand out from the rest of your competitors

– Objectives achieved by the company

– Certifications (if any)

– Company motto/philosophy


– List of products and/or services

Research and Innovation:
– General description of the company’s engagement in research and innovation

– Headquarters

– Number of branches and addresses

– Foreign Dealers, addresses or information on how foreign requests are handled


– Person of reference/Estimates (names, email addresses and phone numbers of the persons in charge)
– Online purchases (links to the online catalog)

– Shipping (national/international conditions, including delivery fees and times)


– Description of the customizable services, how to request them and how they are handled

After Sale Assistance:
– Contacts (email, phone number, name and position of the person in charge)

– Service Centers (address, phone number, etc.)

Well there you have it! Now, you too can start developing your very own company profile in no time! We do hope you found this information useful and remain at your disposal for your every linguistic need.