freelancerThe term “Freelance”, meaning someone working for one or more companies at the same time and without the hassle of being tied to a single employer, seems to be a growing trend worldwide. “According to IDC, a market-research firm, there were around 12m full-time, home-based freelancers and independent contractors in America Alone.”  Twelve million full-time freelancers in America alone! Full-time, as in making a full living! However, while watching TV the other night, I got a different vision of this freelance business, when one of the characters, a “freelancer”, was told his profession was none other than a polite title for someone who’s out of a job. Is that so? Would 12m Americans really pursue a freelance career if it didn’t bare its fruits? I don’t think so. 
Unlike in my previous blogs, I will not go into detail about the “official” definition or origin of the word “freelance”; you can do that on your own by consulting Wikipedia. I would, all the same, like to share what this word really means to those, including myself, who adopted this type of business strategy. I intend to expose the “real” Myths, Truths and Requirements of the Freelancing concept; a concept that appears to be growing at the speed of light nowadays.
Here are the MTRs of Freelancing professionals, whether in translation field or other:

true_falseThe Myths:
-You are your own boss. Not at all! You respond to your customers! They are the Bosses!
-You can manage your own time. Wouldn’t it be nice! Unfortunately, when there is work, you have to be available, whether you planned on it or not!
-You can choose what you want to work on. Ha! This is the part where you have to learn something you had never imagined doing before!
The Truths:
-You can make a better living then most while doing something you love.
-You don’t have a fixed schedule.
-You can have breakfast, lunch or dinner whenever you want.
-You can work in your PJs (most of the time).
-You continuously need to study things you had never even considered before.
-You have to please your customers.
-You have to adapt to various tasks or demands.
-You have to multi-task efficiently.
-You have to delegate through outsourcing, which also requires being able to train others.
-You have to be diligent, careful with deadlines and ultra-meticulous in your work; you make a mistake, you lose a customer, you lose a paycheck.
The Real Requirements:
-You have to accept the fact you’ll have to work hard at all times, more than in any other job as an employee.
-You need to be great at what you do and able to transmit it to others.
-You can forget about peaceful vacations without cell phones or emails; You Are Always On Call.
-You need a patient spouse, one that can deal with your crazy schedules on certain occasions (several times a month).
-You need to keep yourself informed at all times in your field of competence.
-You have to study on a daily basis, considering the diversity of the work you will have to manage.on_call_24_7
-You need to socialize and make new contacts at all times.

Freelancing is not for everyone and it certainly is not synonymous with being out of work. It’s a business, a real business, a business that is definitely not suitable for all. Employees go home with a guaranteed paycheck at the end of the month, freelancers have to work hard for theirs, and to ensure it actually does come in after a job well done. Do you think you have what it takes to pursue this type of profession? Even after reading the MTRs involved? Then go after your dream and start enjoying its fruits. After all… we did it, so I don’t see how you couldn’t!

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