Traduzioniclick translates and proofreads legal documents, letters, emails, presentations, websites, manuals, books, product labels, press releases, banners, etc. We are specialized in the major European languages: English, Italian, French, German, Spanish and Dutch. 100% satisfaction for all the services offered. Furthermore, we also offer phone-interpreting services, simultaneous and/or consecutive, in English, Italian and French.
Why waste time searching for a translator when there already is a clear, transparent, quick and precise translation portal at hand?
Traduzioniclick is the portal by excellence that provides accurate, timely and top quality translations because we are the English, French, Italian, German and Dutch specialists.
All of our translations are handled by professional native speakers with a Bachelor’s degree and a passion for the world of multilingual communication to ensure a final result of the finest quality. Our coordinator is part of the “Certified Pro Network” (Network of Certified Professionals).
1 or more folders will be opened for every translation request (1 folder = 1,500 characters with space). Please contact Traduzioniclick for more information on our services.