We accept payments via PayPal or Bank wire.
A single invoice is sent at the end of each month and you will be allowed 30 days to make payment after receiving the original invoice.
The delivery of a file strictly depends on the length of the assignment. Our staff will send you the exact delivery date and time on all estimates.
Mother tongue professionals in possession of a Bachelor’s Degree will handle all of your translation needs. Once a translation has been completed, it will be proofread by another mother tongue professional before being sent back to you: error-proof and of the highest quality!
All of the documents we receive are processed with the utmost confidentiality measures and deleted upon receipt of payment. All of our staff has signed an NDA and is forbidden to disclose any of your materials to thirds.
You will receive an official invoice at the end of the month. Italians will be charged VAT, but not foreign companies. However, VAT will also be charged to foreign individuals.

Please contact us directly at info@traduzioniclick.it for more information or questions.